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The dark night of the soul

"No matter how much individuals do through their own efforts, they cannot actively purify themselves enough to be disposed in the least degree for the divine union of the perfection of love. God(intuition) must take over and purge them in that fire that is dark for them."

It happens when we are gripped by the seven cardinal sins in relation to the spirit.
The dark night of the soul plays the role of the balancing factor that helps us regain our ground
It's a purging fire that shines brightly although we experience it as something dark

The universe has an incredible way of repeating problems in our lives until they are addressed and our shadow is looked at to discover why that issue/problem exists.
After experiencing failure upon failure in my life, failed relationships all which shared similar patterns, I realized that all these patterns and problems stemmed back from one thing. Me.

Don't get this yet but with ADHD + thirst for understanding + avoidance of doing what i needed to do as a method of self sabotage/abandonment, I became obsessed with and DOVE off the deep end researching: religions, philosophy, megalithic structures (which can't be built today without machines and if we haven't dug up machines yet from ancient humans than someone explain to me how we are the most advanced human civilization that lived on this planet), ancient temples, geological evidence/discoveries that disprove a fuckload of what academics "say is truth", psychology, spirituality, and more

I've always avoided trends. I never stopped learning new perspectives. I spent over a decade of my life putting in therapy work.

But the one thing that clicked for me which I was too terrified to look at was my childhood trauma that I just brushed off and pretend didn't exist
Facing my trauma, and cutting off all those who I moved mountains for, setting my own true self aside, has been the most difficult and painful experience of my life.
But now as I have emerged from the flames, I could not be more thankful for the pain and struggle.

Everything has changed, and the chains that constricted me now lay flat around me. Step into the dark to understand what true light means. Most of you prob blindly believe in a god from whatever faith your parents did.

Now what if the god this whole time was you

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